Settled. 1841

Landmarks named of McConnel & Cressbrook


Cressbrook-Caboonbah Road – near Toogoolawah, Queensland.


Cressbrook Creek – near Toogoolawah, Queensland.


Cressbrook Dam – near Crows Nest, Queensland.


Cressbrook District – near Toogoolawah Queensland.
As a result of the Queensland Government subdividing the Toogoolawah region into districts, including the district of Cressbrook, the McConnel family is now required to call their property ‘Cressbrook Station’ so as to differentiate themselves from the Cressbrook district


Cressbrook Street – the main street of Toogoolawah, Queensland.


Mary McConnel School – alternate education schools in Forest Lake and Springfield, Queensland, founded as a joint initiative of the Anglican Church of Australia and the Uniting Church in Australia in 2003.


Mary McConnel School of Early Childhood - school at Shafston International College, Brisbane, established to provide students with a qualification in early childhood education. This school was named in honour of Mary McConnel, in recognition of her contribution to education in Queensland in the 1800′s.


McConnel Bridge – over the Boyne River (on the road from Proston to Boondooma), Queensland, named in honour of Edward (Ned) McConnel, youngest son of D.C. and Mary McConnel who managed Marshlands on behalf of D.C. McConnel & Sons.


McConnel Park – the recreational park at the end of Cressbrook Street, Toogoolawah, Queensland, named in honour of J.H. McConnel who donated the land for the park.


McConnel’s Gap – northern New South Wales, east of Tenterfield, New South Wales. Named in honour of D.C. McConnel who crossed there on his way to explore and settle in the Brisbane Valley with his stock from the Hunter Valley.


McConnel Street – at old Biarra town, near Toogoolawah, Queensland.


McConnel Street – in Bulimba, Brisbane after D.C. McConnel’s settlement and ownership of Bulimba Farm and Bulimba House in the 1850’s (spelt incorrectly by the Brisbane City Council as McConnell Street)


McConnel’s Sugarloaf (or Mr McConnel’s Sugarloaf) – named by David Cannon McConnel and located at Scrub Creek, Toogoolawah, Queensland.


McConnel’s Way – near the Burnett River, Queensland named in honour of Edward (Ned) McConnel, youngest son of D.C. and Mary McConnel who managed Marshlands on behalf of D.C. McConnel & Sons.


Mt McConnel – between Mt Coolon and Charters Towers, Queensland, on the tributary of the Belyando River. Named by Ludwig Leichhardt in honour of Frederic McConnel, brother of David Cannon McConnel, both of whom donated stock and/or money towards his first expedition.


Mrs D.C. McConnel Wing – a children’s ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, named in honour of the hospital’s founder, Mary McConnel.


St Clair Range – in the Amphitheatre at Glenhaughton near Taroom, Queensland.

The name was submitted by botanist William Gasteen to the Queensland Government in 1977 in honour of Erica McConnel (nee St Clair), wife of fourth-generation descendent Duncan McConnel. Duncan donated much time to Bill Gasteen who was contracted to survey and report to Queensland National Parks on the national park status of the country. The Amphitheatre subsequently became a national park in 2001.



McConnel’s Curse – more commonly known as the Bean Tree. Now classified as a pest in Australia, McConnel’s Curse (Gleditsia triacanthos) was introduced as cattle fodder for its high source of protein by David Cannon McConnel following his travels in South America.


The McConnel family at Cressbrook is continually learning of landmarks named in honour of their family or Cressbrook. If you know of one, not listed here, that may be of interest to the family, do not hesitate to contact them at